About Us

Our Team came together as a harmonious force of Nature. ​

We are of varied ages, backgrounds and experiences.

Our own Natures are to bring ideas to life – something all artists do. We create “a thing that did not exist” – a simple but profound concept we strive to bring to life. Our ideas are small but their consequences are big – One person at a time who can then share a smile with their family, who then share with their friends who then share again . Spread the smiles, they can go for miles : )

Inspiring Creative Healing

Caring. Supportive. Fun. Rewarding. Inclusive. Creative. Encouraging. Safe.

Incorporation Number A43258. ABN 19 248 634 756

Our Goal

Connecting people though Art & Community projects

We’re Here for You. ​Share your gifts as a Volunteer or contact us for information of help available

Join Us

Join the Circle of Arts Foundation, empowering others ​through Art related projects.

Download the membership form and email back to get started OR contact us and we can post out to you.

Our Team

Andrew Barr – Chairman

  • Andrew is also an Artist, and an involved Member of Mitcham Gallery One’s Gallery Committee.
  • ​Mentor at Circle of Arts.

Erika Walter – Secretary

  • Funding Officer – Arts Projects
  • Participating Artist

Rowena Brown – Public Officer

  • DV Survivor
  • Artist
  • Aboriginal Support

Shirley Ann Brough

  • Art Classes
  • Arts projects specialising in Aged Care
  • Participating Artist​

Kieran Owens – Treasurer

  • Owens & Associates

Vicki Dickson

  • Artist & Events

Sue Fuller

  • Artist & Events

Bill Lowther

  • Author
  • Public Speaker
  • Bravery & Mentor focus