Erika Walter

I am drawn to the innate beauty and spirit of the natural world. Through imagery and medium, my artwork is a personal narrative of that beauty. I create patterned pieces that relate to the cycles of life and enduring passage of time. My mixed media pieces attempt to speak to the visual senses, inviting exploration.

Mixed media – plaster cloth/watercolour/pen
45×32 cm $395
Mixed Media-plastercloth/paper/watercolour/pen
52x35cm $400
Mixed media -plaster cloth/watercolour/paper/pen
55x35cm $375
Mixed media -Plaster cloth/paper/pen/watercolour
55x40cm $395
Mixed media -plaster cloth/watercolour/paper
55x35cm $375
Mixed media -plaster cloth/watercolour/paper
55x35cm $375