Haythem Raslan

SALA 2021

​”We are the creators of our own perfections.
We ask, we apply, we practice.
We achieve the highest potential of ourselves,
​Never give up, it’s endless like Life itself”
​                                                                Haythem Raslan

“At the Bay” Oils / Mixed media 50 x 76 cm $700
“Floral Waves” Oils / Mixed media 60cm diameter $400
“Deep Blue” Oils / Mixed media 60 x 90cm $595

Haythem is an experienced artist who loves the beauty of our coastline. he enjoys the amazing colours and forever changing seascape, sunrises, sunsets and sandscapes of Glenelg and offers you an affordable memory of your stay. 

Discover your own personalized piece of Art, created by Haythem Raslan !
Provide your full name, date of birth and three of your favourite colours – then allow Haythem to create a divinely unique work of Art for either yourself or a gift for a loved one