Jen Joy O’Neill

Jen Joy O’Neill is a mixed media artist based in Adelaide, South Australia with her main focus being, painting in acrylics. She loves to create custom made pieces for fellow art lovers and specialises in fantasy portraiture and whimsical landscapes.  … Read More


JoyfulAn Exhibition by Circle of Arts Members Circle of Arts Foundation Members celebrate Life in Joyful Colour and Expression at the Event Cinemas Glenelg

Glenelg Art Timber
Brian Crossman

I have published a couple of articles in ‘The Australian Woodworker’ and ‘Woodcarving’ and over the years transitioned from furniture to concentrate more on sculpting. 
Currently I’m in a retro phase being influenced by Brancusi, Hepworth and the constructivists. … Read More

Irina Mirosnitsenko

When I watch noisy parrots in the park, I can’t wait to draw birds. When spring comes and cherry blossoms, I want to paint nature.
But most of all I love to paint medieval towns which are full of mystery, fairy tales and beauty.… Read More

Erica Walter

I am drawn to the innate beauty and spirit of the natural world. Through imagery and medium, my artwork is a personal narrative of that beauty… Read More

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