Jessica Curtis
In Search of the Divine

SALA 2021

Jessica Curtis (In Search of the Divine) engages in creative projects & collaborations that bring the spiritual & scientific together; inspiring a higher dialogue on the themes pondered by the great mystical traditions of the Earth, which looked to the stars as home.​

Core to her art practice, Jessica Curtis, uses art as a transformative vehicle to assist in the reorientation of consciousness to a multi-dimensional perspective. Thus creating a point of reference to unveil the divine template behind these times of great transition and transformation unfolding on Earth; ultimately fostering a spark of divine recognition.

Divine Union
Metallic acrylic & ink on canvas
90cm x 120cm
On the greater quest for peace we come to know ourselves not as a lone soul trapped within a body, separate from the world, but as a part of a greater mind-heart, what some call the higher self or Overself. This birth to the realization of the divine reality leads to one experiencing “The Peace That Passeth All Human Understanding”; a great peace from within and above that births such virtues of unconditional love, compassion, wisdom and mercy which allows ones every thought, word and deed to be an act of sacred activism and peace in the world. When we are in coherence with the divine, we are in coherence with all life and kingdoms of creation 
This piece represents our own divine heritage that all the great mystical traditions touch upon; our origin in the heavens as the Adam Kadmon. Indigenous tribes across the world when asked where they come from point to the stars. However, as much as the divine reaches out to us we also need to meet them halfway. The divine eye of the creator in the centre of the pyramid watches overhead; this symbol of the trinitized divinity and creation power ensures the purity of this divine union.
Michelangelo was a great visionary and artist of the Renaissance movement. His vision of the divine and the mysteries of creation was revealed in many of his great works including the panel of the Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome. The symbol of the hand of God, or the Elohim creator reaching out to touch the finger of Adam to ignite the divine spark, has come to represent humanities reaching out in connection to the divine.
“Tree of Life”
Metallic acrylic & ink on canvas90cm x 120cm
The Tree of Life is a sacred symbol that is found in many mystical & indigenous traditions around the globe. It is a mystical symbol that represents the many universes & branches of creation, a cosmology of creation, growth, life and the link between Earth and the Heavens.
Within this piece there are trees of life within Trees of Life. Within each sphere/sephiroth are different versions of the tree of life from the various mystical traditions of the Earth. 
“Dove of Peace – Holy Spirit”
Acrylic & ink on canvas
90cm x 120cm

Holy Spirit bursts forth as a blessing of Peace, Love & Joy
“Living Waters”
Metallic acrylic & ink on canvas
90cm x 120cm

The late Dr Masaru Emoto (1943 –2014)was a spiritual scientist who researched how human consciousness can affect the molecular structure of water. His special message about water became famous in his book The Hidden Messages in Water, a New York Times best seller. He hypothesized that water could react to positive thoughts, words and prayer. He thus believed that through positive prayer and visualisation we could clean the polluted waters of the world.  Water is the “blueprint for our reality” and emotional “energies” and “vibrations” can change the physical structure of water. 
Emoto’s water crystal experiments consisted of exposing water in glass to different words, pictures, or music, freezing the water and then examining the sacred geometry in the ice crystals in microscopic photography. He found that water exposed to positive speech/thoughts/prayers would result in visually “pleasing” and divinely proportionate ice crystals being formed. Negative intention would create “ugly”, disproportionate shapes in the ice crystals.
When we resonate with love and gratitude in body-mind-heart coherence we vibrate the water within our body into perfect geometries which can be beneficial for our health. Through positive thoughts, prayers and meditations we can also influence the water around us, in others and help heal mother earth, Gaia.
“Sacred Hearts”
Matallics, acrylic 90cm x 120cm

Agape – Immaculate Love

Jessica Curtis
Metallic acrylic & ink on canvas

90cm x 120cm

Available as prints: A4 – $12 & A3 – $24


Agape – is Greek for the Love of the Divine used in the New Testament to denote the Love of God or Christ for humanity. It can also define our own special Love for the divine, the highest and most noble of Loves, A self-sacrificing love and devotion. When we move onto states of love and gratitude, we naturally move into deep states of mind-heart coherence, the space from which healing on mind, body and spirit level can all naturally take place.

This piece was painted live during “plant music” healing, sound-baths that were part of the “Plant Songs” Fringe Festival art installation.

This piece embodies the Unending Love of the Divine Beloved, the Supreme Creator. This love is never ending and is always flowing no matter where we are in creation. There is no word in the English language that encompasses what this love really is. However, the concept of Compassion more truly summarizes this true divine love.

C S Lewis described Agape as “a selfless love that is passionately committed to the well-being of others.” Compassion is Loving-Kindness in Action. It’s not a passive love. It is an act, love in action. It also embers one with the ability to endure the long suffering of this world and be there eternally in service to humanity & God.

Nothing can extinguish the love that comes through compassion. It’s a flame that burns with love for all things, all creatures, all realms, all dimension, ALL THAT IS! An example is the bodhisattva Quan Yin; the who heard the cries of the world. She vowed she would not ascend beyond this Earth until every single person had attained enlightenment and grown beyond suffering.

“Ba Bak Bennu – Dove Hawk Phoenix”
Mixed media, 90 x 120cm

This piece explores the coming of our brothers and sisters from the stars that the ancients built and aligned their great temples to like the Great Pyramid of Egypt. For example one of this great temple’s star shafts aligns to the constellation Orion represented by Osiris the God of music and rebirth on the top left. The Egyptians also Align to the 3 helical circling stars of Sirius represented on the left by Isis the Divine Mother and consort of Osiris. They are trintised by their son Horus represented by the flaming pyramidal Eye of Horus in Centre top. Pyramids represent the unfoldment of creation and are found in all forms of matter & nature. The Eye of Horus is used by the divine spirit to unfold all life.
To the top left you see as Orion
Ba Bak Bennu – Dove Hawk Phoenix are the sacred trinity of birds from ancient Egypt. The Dove: the Spirit/peace, the eternal  nature of all things.
The Hawk: the law/the prince of peace, our ability to see from a birds eye view. The Phoenix: the power of transformation, baptism, rebirth, the ability to claim eternal life that in inherent to all humanity.
On the bottom left is a male Sphinx and bottem right a female Sphinx, the female consort to the famous Sphinx of the Giza plateau that some still feel is yet to be discovered. Female Sphinx statues have been found in other parts of the Middle East. The Sphinx can represent the vehicle of light. The human face is put onto the lion the represents the local sun power. By conquering the power of the local son we as humanity can use the powers of the sacred birds to fly to the higher star realms to Orion and beyond! Ad Astra! Latin: to the Stars!!