Sonya Galbraith

SALA 2021

Although Sonya has never been taught, as a child she had an awareness of masters such as Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso, Klimpt and da Vinci.
Sonya’s work ranges through classical portraiture, surrealism, abstract energetic, symbolism, channelled art and still life as well as landscapes.
What you see is raw talent sith over 40 years of free expression which “cannot be genre’d”. 

“Seaside” at Event Cinema Glenelg

Soft pastel.
61 x 33cm

“Spin to More”
Oil on canvas
Stretched not framed
91 x 60cm

“Glenelg North”
51 x 63cm

” A Grand SALA Gala” Glenelg Art Gallery

“Hunter Pony “(framed) – 6B 4B 2B H lead pencil – 40.5x30cm – $500

“Wisdom Opening”
Oil Pastel
85 x 50cm


“Floral Arrangment”
Oil Pastel
53 x 41cm

“Parallel co-op” (framed) wax pastel – 41x32cm – $500
“The Orange and The Crystal”(framed) – Sonya Galbraith – 2B H lead pencil – 31x22cm – $400